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Tree Trunk Playhouse with Climbing Wall

Our Tree Trunk Playhouse with the climbing wall is for indoor use and has steps, slides, 3-panel climbing walls with handgrips, monkey bars, a steel ladder, a safety mat and space to hide!


AED 16,450.00


What’s Included?
1) 3 Climbing walls panels with hand grips.
2) Monkey bar.
3) 2-Level central play structure.
4) Slide.
5) Steps.
6) Steel Ladder.

Product Details


    Trunk Playhouse: L 273cm X W 377cm X H 240cm
    Climbing Wall: L 360cm X H 240cm

Age Group: 3 Years +

Product Colour: Natural Wood

Material: Premium Quality Laminated Board, Steel ,Foam & Vinyl Fabric & Moisture Proof Board

Finish: Natural Wood Laminate

What is it? – It’s a Multi-functional piece of play equipment that has been specially designed for developing your child’s independence and gross motor skills. Your child will have endless fun, and active playtime with this play equipment in their bedroom, playroom or play area.

Key Features – This play equipment is designed to enhance your child’s physical growth and creativity. They will love climbing and sliding on this playset making it their own adventure playscape. A ball pool with multi-color balls can be added additionally from our soft-play range.


  1.  3 Climbing wall panels with hand grips.
  2. Monkey bar.
  3. 2-Level central play structure.
  4. Slide.
  5. Steps.
  6. Steel Ladder.
  7. Safety Mat.


  • Safety Features – The edges and corners have all been rounded for your child’s safety.
  • Recommended Age group – 3 Years +
  • What material is it made from? The structure is made from a moisture-proof board, step from premium quality laminated board & fiberglass for the slide.
  • Where can this product be used? – This product is for indoor use only.
  • Maintenance: Wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any marks or dust. Do not use any harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Please do not leave your child unattended – Adult supervision is required.

Product Information

  • SAFETY: Adult supervision required. Ensure a safety mat is used with all products that have a fall height.
  • CLEANING: Wipe down with damp cloth to remove any marks or dust. Do not use bleach or any other harsh chemicals.



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